Most of us college students have some knowledge and/or experience about what it is like to sit for the campus recruitment process.  Campus selection processes conducted by most companies have various rounds (such as aptitude, group discussions, analytical writing, technical & HR interviews and so on) by which they eliminate students and narrow down the list of suitable candidates. Some say it is a stressful process – it can either build or destroy our confidence.  Others say it is like cake walk – you can easily land the job as long as you have the calibre. There is some truth in both opinions. I say the whole recruitment process is comparable to dating. I will explain how, while simultaneously helping you improve your dating life. 😉

The first couple of rounds…

The first few rounds are like your first dates with the company. On your first dates, you ought to make a good first impression as this will have a big impact on the near future. You have to make yourself seem like a worthy candidate by showcasing your strengths whenever you can. You absolutely must NOT make any false claims as this will definitely be brought to light in the later stages and you will simply end up embarrassing yourself. Only make statements that you can prove with examples. For instance, if you say you have leadership qualities, tell them about your experiences as the team leader of a project that you worked on earlier. Also, avoid being ambiguous. This is the time when the company will assess what talents or skills you possess and how this can be beneficial to them. So, be clear about your goals, talents and intentions.

If you get rejected after your first date, don’t worry. You now have an idea where you stand, and should work on the areas you feel could use some improvement or changes. Avoid repeating these mistakes on prospective first dates.

The last few rounds…

After crossing the initial hurdle, you are more or less in an uncommitted relationship with the company. You have cleared the first 1-2 rounds, and are entering the last few rounds. Very few make it up to this phase, and you will notice that for yourself by seeing the number of students sitting with you. Many students commit the mistake of exhibiting overconfidence at this stage. You must avoid doing so as this may come across as a display of attitude or negligence. At this stage, you should work even harder to convince them that you are worth hiring right away. A little modesty and humility can go a long way. You must nurture the relationship that you are building and handle it as delicately as possible as this stage is where they assess how serious you are about joining the company, your preferences (if any) about timings & place of work and of course your level of commitment to any given task.

The final round…

The final round is comparable to a marriage proposal. As the company receives proposals from a lot of people, they will select only the best of the lot. As people who have reached this stage are ones who really want to be a part of the organisation, getting rejected can be an emotionally tormenting experience. One must simply acknowledge the fact that this is not the end of the world. There are numerous other companies that you can apply for. If it does not work out with one company, so be it. Perhaps there is a better opportunity for you out there, one that will give you a better, long-lasting andrelationship. However, if getting placed in this company is what makes you happy, then make an effort to improve on your weak areas, and try again later. Perhaps they were looking for something more before they commit to you. Find out what that may be and work on that. Just remember to never give up or lose hope on yourself. There will always be room for self-improvement, but no room for self-pity. So, lift yourself up, dust yourself off and keep racing towards your finish line!

Once you get placed…

Congratulations! You are now officially married to the company. Like any successful marriage, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a strong cordial relationship. If you feel dissatisfied with the company, you may apply for divorce, i.e. resign at any point of time. Some companies may ask you to pay a heavy price for this, so please do some research about these things before applying for the job. The reverse is also true – the company is free to divorce, i.e. fire you at any point if they find that your contribution towards the company is not satisfactory.

So, there you have it…

Securing a job at a company is exactly like any relationship. It works out best if you are truly in love with the company, work hard to maintain the relationship  and get them to love you back just as much. 🙂




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