The Little Things

That boy is so mean. That girl is so fat and ugly. That girl shows off too much. That boy has no friends. That girl is so awkward. They get poor grades. They are always partying and getting high. He’s rich and dim-witted. She’s beauty without brains…


Stop judging people. Stop comparing them to your own so-called standards. Step out of that confined world you’re living in. Just because you have your own insecurities to deal with doesn’t mean you need to spread hatred everywhere you go. Why not spread love? Why not create a world where people don’t have to fight over things like money, caste, religion, weight, height, success, nationality, skin colour, looks, greed, jealousy, and fame? Just imagine that… an ideal world – where you don’t have to be scared of stepping out after 9pm just because you’re a girl; where you don’t have to worry about revealing your sexual orientation; where you can openly discuss matters of the world without people tearing you down.

Yes, education plays an extremely important role in uplifting the society and bridging the gap between communities of people. But education alone does not necessarily enlighten people or wake people up. It does not help one realise the countless possibilities, feats, and wonders the world could achieve if we could all just learn to love and spread the love. There are several educated people who have so much hatred in their hearts that they are willing to fight other people and even kill just to satisfy their own needs and happiness. They simply can’t acknowledge the fact that what they are doing is wrong. They fail to see the big picture, to realise that there are two sides to every story and that the world may seem different when you step into their shoes. And this, my friends, is quite depressing. So, I hope that through this blog, I can explain how a few simple changes in your life and others, can gradually create a world full of love and colour.

So, let’s break them down, one at a time:

  1. Another religion/nationality:

Instead of fighting with that man because he worships another God or is from another country, accept the fact that he was born into his family just as you were born into yours. It wasn’t by choice. So why bother throwing darts at him? If he is content being who he is then just let him be. On the other side of the table, if someone is insulting you based on your religious/atheist views, just let him/her know in a calm manner that although you appreciate the insight, you are not willing to discuss the matter any further and that he/she should try discussing it with someone else instead.

  1. Height and weight issues:

I mean come on. What’s a person’s height and weight got to do with personality? A short person can be just as intelligent or sporty as a tall person. A fat person can be just as fun as a thin person. This is common sense more or less. Your height and weight do not decide your personality. Sure, you may think a thin and tall person is more confident than a short and fat person, but whose fault is that? Blame society for it. And all you judgemental people, yeah, that’s right, I’m talking to you. If you’re dense enough to think that it does affect people, damn you got to get out of that cramped little box and meet more people.

  1. That significant other who wronged you:

Instead of calling him/her a jerk/bitch for breaking your heart, thank him/her for the memories and the lesson. This would help you convey your feelings and avoid making you seem hateful. The other person may feel ashamed even, for hurting such a pure soul and may try to change for the better. If not, well at least you tried. And if you are that person that got called a jerk/bitch, and feel it was wrongfully done, try to look at things from the other person’s shoes. Always two sides to a love story.  Would you feel fantastic if they did that to you? If not, then you probably owe them an apology. If you can’t figure out what you did wrong, then just let it go and meet someone new.

  1. The minority club:

Yes, this is about not just those who fall into minority when talking in terms of religion and caste but also race and sexual orientation. So what if people are different? What happened to variety is the spice of life? You can only grow as an individual if you have been acquainted with a diverse group of people. Be sure to include at least two members of every minority group possible. It will make life more interesting. Don’t be quick to judge. Everyone acts a certain way for a reason and if you can’t fully understand it, don’t say anything about it. And if you are in the minority, I know the world can be a scary place so let’s hold hands and face it all together.

  1. For all those striving for success (basically everyone):

If you have a hunger for success and a need to get there fast, you’re probably not going to be getting much sleep or time for yourself. Just remember to take it easy on yourself every once in a while. Stop beating yourself up every time something goes wrong, even though you thought were being real careful. Life does that sometimes. The road to success isn’t really a straight path. It’s more like a roller coaster. Enjoy the ride. Screaming makes it better. Laughing makes it better still. When the ride is over, straighten up and get ready for round two. Don’t be that person that avoids roller coasters altogether just because it was too much to handle. Success comes to those who grow stronger by learning. Knowledge is wealth, so extract it from everything you do. And for those of you wasting time sitting on your ass because life is too unfair, grow up and deal with it. Life is tough. Everyone has problems to deal with. Not everyone sits and whines about it, though. Yes, people have their own share of bad times, but it is important to know when it is time to move on with your life.

  1. For the aesthetically unpleasant beings:

Instead of making fun of that boy/girl for looking the way he/she does, why not try to spend some time to get to know them? They have most likely been made fun of all their life and so their self-esteem is low enough without you trying to make it worse. They may in all likelihood be sour at your first encounters with them because society made them feel so unwanted and scared that they had to build a protective wall around themselves. Show them how it feels to have good friends, by being their friend. Make them believe that there is good in the world by making a small opening in that wall, allowing them to see the world in a new light. Encourage them to speak up about their feelings and views that were tuned out by those bullies.

So I would like to conclude by saying this – when we use the power of speech to be mean, we kill a part of ourselves. When we use it to be kind, we clear the way for humanity to flourish. May the new generation set the standard for many generations to come. After all, it is the little things that matter.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi


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