This last month has been a pretty stressful one for all of us – a lot of unexpected changes, a lot of unveiling of true colours, lots of surprises and lots of fear. What we need is a ray of hope; some kind of sign to let us know that it’s all going to be just fine. Well, I want to assure you that it will be as long as you just keep breathing. Whatever happened, happened for the best.

Here’s a short poem that I wrote just for you.



If diversity is the spice of life

Why do we live in constant strife?

Tough times calls for unity –

A true test of our integrity


When the room gets dark,

Get together, make a spark

When the air gets colder,

Seek warmth on a shoulder


Only human, so let us be humane

No need for us to get mad

Some are modest, some vain

None too good, none too bad


Our souls call for a revival

Because it is more than just survival

For us all to live and let live

We need to give and forgive


Well, if that was all a bit much to think about, then just treat yourself to a cheese burst pizza and lots of hot chocolate. ‘Coz hey, we still got our right to eat!

Have a nice day! 😃


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