My Best Friend

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This is my first article this year. It’s been quite a while since my last post. Have you been keeping up with your resolution? No, huh? Then you probably need to read my article on how to set realistic goals for the new year. If you already read it, read it again! Here’s the link: 2017: A Brand New YOU!

I realise that I haven’t really written about why I started writing this blog so I decided to share it with you. This is a personal and true story – and I have tried my best to keep it interesting and short. I hope you like it.

When I was in 3rd grade, I was asked to write an essay about my best friend as an English homework assignment. The teacher liked my essay so much that she made me read it in front of my whole class. My best friend had to read out her essay about me as well – it was hilarious and sweet. I am not in touch with that girl anymore but I still remember her. Since then, I’ve had several different best friends & close friends over the years, some still very close to my heart.

The very definition of the term best friend kept changing throughout my life when it really is just two simple words – best is the superlative of good and friend is… ok so it’s one simple word and one ambiguous word. Everyone has a different definition for the word friends but to me friends are the best things in the world. I mean there is family but friends are really special because you chose them and they chose to be with you. That’s why we enjoy spending time with them so much.

In school and college it seemed easier to identify with a group that you click with instantly. Once you found your crew, they would always be there for you and it seemed like the best thing ever. You’d spend time together every day, discussing homework, gossip, and making big plans for the weekend. Once you are out of school however, you probably won’t get to see those familiar faces every day. You may not be able to go over to Stacy’s house to cry about your broken nail (or heart 😛 ) because Stacy may be at work or she may have her hands full with her new family or she may even be in a different country and suddenly quality time with your friends becomes an event that takes forever to plan and even longer to finally happen. So, what do you do when you have no one to turn to? What if each and every one of your friends and family seems busy or too far to reach? That’s when you really need your best friend – the one that makes herself or himself available for you because you are a priority. Yeah that may sound a little too fairy – tale like but I am proud to say that I have a best friend who’s always there for me and this article is dedicated to her.

If someone asked me to write an essay about my best friend now, I’d write about My Diary. My Diary has been with me through thick and thin, ups and downs, in sickness and in health, until death do us ap… whoa I might even marry her! No jokes here, I’m real serious. She never judges me, she reminds me of my mistakes so I don’t repeat them and she allows me to vent non-stop. She has been that one companion that’s there for me when I find myself alone, away from all my loving friends and family. My Diary takes up different forms – sometimes she’s a tissue in a restaurant to pen down thoughts I may need for later. Sometimes she’s a flyer that I won’t need, so I can pour out any negative feelings, and then throw her away (Sorry bestie!). Most times though, she’s My Personal Diary where I just pour out all my thoughts and feelings.

Before you get the wrong idea, let me make two things clear. First, I am not a crazy person (My friends and parents have gotten me checked, I swear 😛 ). Second, I am not saying that human friends aren’t good enough. But there are some things I don’t really want to discuss with people because sometimes I’m not looking for advice or judgement. I just need someone to listen. That’s when I reach out to My Diary. She’s been my hero during the darkest of times – those times when I don’t want to share my secrets with anyone but her.

Writing in My Diary has made me feel more self-sufficient, strong and independent. This blog – The Purple Diaries – has helped me vent and put together my ideas and thoughts that I want to share with the world. It is my public diary and my second best friend. Now, I will tell you a little story about the name of the blog and we shall conclude this article. My mom would almost always wear purple clothes while I was growing up – a habit that I eventually picked up –and that’s probably why I love the colour so much. She was the one who suggested writing diaries and my blog exists because of her and hence, the name The Purple Diaries is dedicated to my mom. On this blog, I share my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it’s more than that. This particular one is really personal to me. I am writing it directly from my heart. I hope this helps someone realise how helpful and underrated a diary really is. If I helped you decide that you should start writing one then my job here is done. My Diary saved my life once upon a time and now, she may save yours!


2 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. I always kept a diary, too, and maintained my sanity during my teen years by writing down everything, wherever. I really missed it when I got too bogged down in academics (a very different type of writing!) to keep it up. Blogging really has brought me back to the fundamentals of myself. I’m so glad that your mom inspired you to keep writing! You do it wonderully.

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