End of an Era

I still remember the first day of college.

I had worn a new top and I was both nervous and excited. Will I be able to make new friends? Would the subjects be really difficult to understand? Will there be any ragging? Would everything be as fun as they portray it in the movies?

Turns out, I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I mean, the subjects were obviously hard but college had more to it than just studies. The super short breaks, failed mass bunks, failed class outing plans, backlogs – they were all really memorable. 😀

I met so many different kinds of people there. It was truly inspiring. It was nice being able to talk to people from all ages and various disciplines too.

The most interesting part was how I found myself growing and changing into a different person. Sure, I was still the same at the very core of my heart. But there were some things that kept changing. I saw this happening everywhere around me.

Although I did not talk to everyone in college, I did learn quite a bit. I spent more time hanging out with people outside of college than I did with the ones in it. It could in part be because I did not feel the connection that I had with my old friends with anyone I met in college.

It wasn’t until the start of final year that I decided to hang out with everyone in college. I really did enjoy it then. I wish I had realised sooner that the more time you spend with a person, the more they grow on you. It is really that simple.

Ha! Who knew?! xD

The rest of the year went on busily in trying to finish off with our project and report submissions.

Once the exams ended and we all moved back home, we realised how much we would miss everything. These four years flew by so quickly.

I wish I had spent time with everyone differently.

I miss it all.



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